The Liner Notes

Man of Steel (2013)


You’ll believe a man can fly!

As with many of you, I was so excited to see this much-needed filmic update of Superman. People seem to be on the fence about the movie or just don’t care for it. Director Zack Snyder working with David Goyer and Christopher Nolan (comic book film dream team) has given modern audiences a modern Man of Steel. There is a reason why the Man of Tomorrow has survived for 75 years.

Several roles in this film had tough shoes to fill. Henry Cavill presents a very different, but welcome, take on Clark Kent/Kal-El(Superman); a man trying to find himself and his place in this world. Some fans will argue that Kal-El they see in this film is not a true representation of the character. I beg to differ. In this story, he is on his way to becoming the Superman we are familiar with, so we must allow for a little latitude. Cavill allows us to empathize and see his life through his eyes, not an easy task by any means. Clark’s Kryptonian and Earth father (Russell Crowe & Kevin Costner respectively) have emotionally grounding performances, which help form Kal’s path in life. Then there is the film’s primary antagonist, General Zod (a commanding Michael Shannon). In this take of the character we are given more substance and reasoning for his motives to visit Earth. All performances were top-notch.

The visuals were phenomenal! We know Zack Snyder is known for his visual flair and he delivers ten-fold. He gives the granddaddy of superheroes the proper visual representation and scope he deserves. You can feel the passion and zeal he has for this character and his story throughout. Now, Snyder is known for his action and again he delivers. Some may argue it’s too much and it’s trying to match The Avengers. That’s bogus. Snyder uses these sequences to show how dangerous beings with such strength and abilities can be in our world. As well as showcasing the toll and focus it takes to use these superhuman abilities. As for the scenes on Krytpon, I could go on for hours. They were beautiful and inventive. All the special effects work was some of the best I’ve seen to date, if not the best.

The only negatives I left the film with were how they handled Kal’s secret identity and keeping it secret, there were definitely some plot holes in that department. The other is that they wrapped up the film a little too quickly for my taste.  This film is a true blockbuster and the Superman film we’ve needed for many years, GO SEE IT!! There is no need to see it in 3-D, but as I’ve said before, see it in IMAX if you can.


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