The Liner Notes

“The Dark Knight Rises” Prologue

This is the most anticipated film of 2012, for me, anyways. I was extremely lucky to see a special press screening of the first six minutes of the film. Just as we were gifted with a taste of the Joker in 2008 before seeing “I Am Legend”, we were given the introduction to the mysterious villain, Bane, this time around. I won’t spoil the scene (For specific details, feel free to message/e-mail me), except that it seemed reminiscent of when Batman retrieved Lau from Hong Kong in “The Dark Knight”.  You can absolutely draw conclusions based on this scene that some of the sequences Nolan attempted in “Inception” will be fully implemented in this film. Nolan has said that due to Bane wearing a mask, the key to Tom Hardy’s performance is through his eyes. I paid special attention and I was impressed; his glare and stare gave insight into his power of intimidation and menace. Sadly, we didn’t see Bane engage in any hand-to-hand combat, but  we were able to hear his voice. Oddly enough, he sounded like a rugged Sean Connery; deep and eerie, which I dug. Some of his dialog towards the end of the sequence was difficult to understand. This would be my main criticism of what I witnessed, but I’m hoping this will be corrected in the final mix (I spoke to a rep asking for impressions and comments-gave him my five cents). It seems that a piece of Hans Zimmer score was placed in it and was as intense and empowering as his work on the previous two films, especically with the inclusion of the chants we heard in the teaser trailer. We saw Gordon giving what seems to be a memorial speech for Harvey Dent, as well. Then a quick succession of shots showed us Hathaway in full Catwoman garb, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Batwing, shots of major action sequences and Bane walking away with a cracked Bat mask and throwing it on the ground. END. Needless to say, it’s going to be a long seven months to see this (make sure you see it in IMAX!).


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